Jonathan Griffith Productions specialises in award winning outdoor and adventure productions, often in remote areas of the world that very few can access — bringing cutting edge technologies and human adventure to the world. A keen interest in modern technology and an ability to adapt it to harsh environments has led to working with clients such as Google, Facebook, BBC, Turkish Airlines, Red Bull Media House and many others.

I've taken cameras to places that humans have never stepped foot on before and brought back images and stories from some of the harshest locations on this planet. It has been an immense pleasure to have worked on such prestigious productions such as the BBC Planet Earth series as well as in the world of Virtual Reality. We've only just scratched the surface when it comes to VR and it’s huge potential —  it's something that I am working passionately on with various clients across different business sectors to create new and compelling VR stories and documentaries. I'm proud to say that we create some of the very finest Virtual Reality content out there today both in terms of production value and quality as well as narrative

In 2019, Jonathan Produced and Directed the first ever high resolution Virtual Reality Mt. Everest film following a Nepalese climber attempting a no-bottled oxygen ascent of the mountain — a story never shot before. All captured in 8K 3D VR delivering some of the wildest and most immersive virtual reality content ever shot.

This high level of expertise has made him one of the most sought after creatives in his industry and seen him work with the world's top athletes for over a decade — embarking on pioneering ascents to visually document expeditions in the Alps, Patagonia, Alaska and the Himalayas. 

It’s a method that puts authentic story telling at its heart: an increasingly rare but refreshing approach to adventure media in a climate where style is valued more than substance.