Ever­est VR — Oculus

Jour­ney to the Top of the World

On the 30th April 2017 world famous climber Ueli Steck died on Mount Nuptse whilst acclimatising for one of his biggest climbs yet – climbing both Mount Everest and Mount Lhotse without the use of bottled oxygen. A year later, Ueli’s close friends Jonathan Griffith and Sherpa Tenji attempted to finish off his project. Tenji would try the climb without bottled oxygen whilst internationally award-winning cameraman Griffith captured the entire story.

This three part Oculus series starts off in the heart of the French Alps and follows some of the world’s best mountain athletes pursuing their sports and explaining their motivations behind it. Your journey will take you to the most extreme VR locations filmed on this planet and finish on the summit of Everest itself. Join them for one of the most immersive adventure experiences ever captured. Witness what it’s like to be engulfed in a Himalayan avalanche, cross a crevasse and stare deep in its depths, take a huge rock climbing fall, camp under the stars, and soak in the view from the Top of the World.

Cast and Credits

Written and Directed Jonathan Griffith
Producers ​​​Matthew DeJohn, ​​​​Jonathan Griffith
Editor ​​​Matthew DeJohn
Stitching​​ ​Keith Kolod
Sound Design​​​ Brendan Hogan
Mixer​​​​ Jamie Hunsdale
DIT​​ Matthew Bushell

Jonathan Bracey, Ales Cesen, Ben O Connor Croft, Adam George, Jonathan Griffith, Jake Holland, Paul Millet, ​​​​Korra Pesce, ​​​​Sherpa Tenji​​

Sherpa Darwa, Sherpa Dorje, Sherpa Lakpa, ​​​​Sherpa Pimba, ​​​​Thomas Mueller


Producer​​​ Averie Timm
Executive Producer​​ Colum Slevin, Eric Cheng, Yelena Rachitsky
Product Manager​​ Abesh Thakur
Project Manager​​ Elizabeth Malone